A-ONE GAS TOOL Professional Gas Torch-Multipurpose Blow torch-Kitchen Butane Bur


A-ONE GAS TOOL Professional Gas Torch-Multipurpose Blow torch-Kitchen Butane Bur

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A-ONE GAS TOOL Professional Gas Torch-Multipurpose Blow torch-Kitchen Butane Burner-Hardware Torch- Culinary Baking Torch-Creme Brulee Butane Torch-Chef Food Torch Burner-Gas Microtorch-Black

Product Features

  • PROFESSIONAL AND PREMIUM QUALITY – Used by the best chefs in the finest restaurants as well as by all amateur cooks in home kitchens. A-ONE torch made with the finest quality materials for long lasting use.

  • SAFETY LOCK & FLAME ADJUSTMENT – Anti-flare technology plus safety on/off lock, making you worry free from accidental activation. Flame adjustment regulator gives you complete control of flame strength.

  • BUTANE FUEL INDICATOR WINDOW – See when the fuel is running low and easily see when it is refilled. (BUTANE NOT INCLUDED)

  • EASY TO FILL, TO LIGHT AND TO USE – If you are looking for a torch which makes your cooking simple, this is the one! It’s easily refillable, lights in one click and it is designed for comfortable hand use to keep your focus only on creating masterpieces.

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL USE – From delicious crème brûlée to gorgeous jewelry and plumbing, this butane lighter is designed to be top-line and satisfy all your needs! It can be used for soldering, jewelry making, shrink tubing, heating bolts for removal, lighting cigars, hookah and more. It also works when camping to start campfires, making s’mores, etc.

Product Description

Make your home, kitchen, workplace into a Five Star environment with s professional, easy to use tool!

You can use it for:

Cooking, catering, creme brulee, caramelizing sugar, roasting peppers, browning meat, and melting cheeses.
Also perfect on finishing foods for presentation and adding drama when serving.
Lighting BBQ’s, campfires, lighting cigars, pipes, hookah, defrost frozen water pipes, heat seized bolts for removal, and even strip paint.


  • Flame temperature is 1300°C/2500°F
  • Reassuringly sturdy design.
  • Sharp blue flame with 2.5 inch stainless steel nozzle for precision flame and accurate heating.
  • Push button piezoelectric self-ignition, so you don’t need matches or lighters.
  • High quality ceramic tip which won’t wear out.
  • Large gas tank for uninterrupted use (35 min).
  • Simple controls for confident single handed use.
  • Refillable in seconds.

Note: All torches are shipped without butane gas.

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